One of the most frequently occurring computer problems friends and family complain about is the Mac Mail account problem. We have noted that most of the email issues are correlated to an incorrect or expired password, inaccurate mail settings, or misbehaving email clients. But we can’t judge as it is; that’s why we have provided some of the best troubleshooting steps for you. Do follow the below steps in an orderly manner to get rid of the account error on Mac mail.

Account Error On Mac Mail

Some of the reasons for the account error: 

  1. A weak Internet connection.
  2. Incoming server details are not entered correctly.
  3. The server is down.
  4. The email inbox is filled, and there is no space left for new emails.
  5. An incompatible or outdated browser can cause the mail syncing issue.
  6. In some cases, faulty hardware or software can cause account errors on Mac Mail.

Fixing the issue on the computer:

  1. Check your computer’s signal strength. If the network connection is weak, you might encounter an account error on your Mac computer.
  2. Ensure that the mail server is not down, as you need to be assured that the issue is not caused by the email client. Sometimes, your mail delivery system can be a problem, and you can detect this problem by sending a test mail to yourself. If the mail reaches the inbox, then there is no problem with the server.
  3. Double-check to make sure that you have entered the correct password and that it has not been expired.
  4. The best way to identify is by logging in to your email account via your email provider’s web-based email system.
  5. If you are not able to log in via the web browser, then there are chances that you are entering an incorrect username or password.
  6. If you have enabled mail forwarding for some reason, this feature will forward all your mails to another account.
  7. Go to the Settings page.
  8. Turn off the forwarding feature, and log in to another account where the emails are being forwarded or stored in the inbox.
  9. If you feel that the culprit for the issue is your own default browser, then try to clear the junk files from the browser as the cookies and caches store every day on your browser, which leads to performance degradation of your Mac Mail.
  10. Simply restart your browser and log in again to your account and check if the account error is solved.
  11. Check the filters as this can also lead to account errors on Mac Mail.
  12. Finally, restart your Mac computer. To do so – Click on the Apple icon, click Restart from the drop-down menu.

Additional troubleshooting steps:

In case none of the above troubleshooting steps solve the email issues, there are a few more instructions you can follow in order to troubleshoot the problem further.

  1. Temporarily disable the Mac Mail account.
  2. Go through the log files (In the Apple Mail, go to Windows > Connection Doctor and see whether the account error Mac Mail is solved).
  3. If none of the above-given troubleshooting steps help you solve the issue, then you can try to remove your email account from your device and then add it once again.

We hope that the account error on Mac mail issue is resolved. For more troubleshooting steps, call our technicians.