How To Fix The 0x800ccc0e Windows Live Mail Error?

The 0x800ccc0e windows live mail is one of the most common Windows Live Mail Errors. This error can occur due to the following reasons:

0x800ccc0e windows live mail
  1. Incorrect SMTP port in the account setup
  2. Incorrect website settings in the account setup
  3. Email program fails to connect to the mail server
  4. Poor Internet connection
  5. Anti-virus software
  6. Administrative issues.

These are the common causes of the error code 0x800ccc0e in the Windows live mail. You can follow the below instructions to fix the 0x800ccc0e error code in your Windows live mail.


First, you need to make sure that you can communicate with the mail server from your current location.

  1. Now, Select the Windows Start menu and search for the Run option in the search bar.
  2. Type Command Prompt in the Run dialog box.
  3. Open the Command Prompt.
  4. Run the command as follows:

telnet 25


  1. Check whether your email account’s credentials are valid and working correctly.
  2. Now, try to log in with your email account’s login details.
  3. If you forget your email password, reset it and try to log in again.


  1. Go to your Windows Live Mail and right-click on your email account.
  2. Select the Properties option from the menu.
  3. Choose the General tab from the properties window.
  4. Now, check whether the User Information details are correct.
  5. Check whether you have selected the Include the account when receiving mail or synchronizing checkbox.
  6. At last, go to the Servers tab and check whether the information in the Server Information and Incoming Mail Server sections are correct.


  1. Select your Windows Live Mail app and right-click on your email address.
  2. Choose the Remove Account option from the drop-down list.
  3. Click the Yes button to remove the email account.
  4. After completing this process, close the Windows Live Mail window.
  5. Now, restart your computer.
  6. After restarting your computer, go to the Windows Live Mail app and add your email address again.
  7. Now, finish the email account setup and ensure that the error code 0x800ccc0e is no longer present.

The above instructions will help you to clear the 0x800ccc0e windows live mail error.